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Save 100s of hours in Learning & Development operations and seamlessly align learning to business goals at scale.

Discover how AI in L&D makes everyone’s learning journey in your team unique and special

Built for L&D Teams

A new way to solve old problems

Alignment to Business Objectives

Business goals are dynamic and responsive to the changing environment. Keeping learning programs aligned is time consuming and resource heavy. PLAI solves this with the Career Development Engine...

Personalization & Relevance of Learning

Each member of the team has unique needs, challenges and goals. Learning programs need to be tailored to maximise impact and engagement. Achieving this at scale is near impossible. PLAI is built to help...

Talent & Leadership Development

Nurturing talent for a skills oriented organization is key to your competitive advantage, succession planning and retention of your best team members. PLAI's system puts skills at the center of talent development...

“How can I possibly build 500+ learning pathways for each team member when they have individual needs, goals and styles of learning? ...I’m only human!”

Chris Morrison - Head of Learning & Development

Build bespoke learning plans based on your unique needs...

Tools for L&D

Products & Services

Competency Frameworks

Develop detailed competency frameworks for every role and grade in your organization and map current skill levels.

Learning Pathway Builder

Design comprehensive learning programs covering key learning themes for every individual in your team based on their needs.

Career Development Engine

Configure a career plan based on skills development for every unique employee based on their current and desired skills.

Generate Bespoke Learning Content

Use a varety of course materials to create strcutured learning content ready for consumption in the Learning Management System.

AI Tutor Learning Companion

Enhance the learning experience with pre-trained AI tutors to improve outcomes, contextualising material and making it applicable to the learner's role.

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Rupert M. Learning & Development Business Partner

"See it to believe it!"

At first I was skeptical about the claims of the PLAI system. We have over 1,000 people in our business across 8 departments and I did not think it was possible to create personalized learning experiences for everyone. The PLAI system made this task take one week to complete instead of one year and now the team is free to work on exciting initiatives that provide huge value to the business.

Lynnette P. Instructional Designer

"Saves me 90% of my time"

The PLAI Course Builder has been a game changer for our team. Before PLAI I would be given some documents and resources and spend hours or days on Captivate transforming them into learning materials. Now that takes around 2 mins with PLAI and I focus on adding value to my colleagues in new ways. It's just amazing.

Vathanak C. Head of Trade Sales

"PLAI has become like a friend!"

The system has been so helpful since our training session. I often come back to PLAI to work through my ideas and use the Project Management Framework exercises. Whenever I want to apply theory to practice I work with the PLAI tutor. It helps me tremendously.

According to KPMG


of U.S. CEOs say generative AI is a top investment priority for 2024 despite uncertain economic conditions.

Responding to a Changing World

Building a Skills Based Organization

Jobs are changing and a skills based approach is a growing requirement to attract top talent

We are in the midst of a skills revolution. By 2030, an estimated 85 million jobs may remain vacant due to a scarcity of the required skills. Those organizations emphasizing skills will be most equipped to navigate a future where artificial intelligence becomes increasingly integrated into the workforce. According to Deloitte, 98% of business executives intend to integrate more skills-based strategies going forward. Pioneering organizations that embrace this trend report enhanced performance, improved talent retention, and increased employee engagement.

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It's Friday, 5pm and you are asked to prepare training materials on complex materials for next week!

The PLAI™ system allows you to create detailed training materials based on any input document. A new policy? A new white paper? A new law? Feed any document into the PLAI Course Builder and instantly get a fully structured course delivered to you. 

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