AI in Teaching 6 Week Bootcamp

A 6 week program with 12 hours of live expert led training sessions

  • Stay ahead in education by learning how AI can transform teaching practices
  • Engage students like never before with personalized AI-powered learning experiences
  • Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to more teaching time with AI automation
  • Spark creativity and innovation in the classroom with AI-driven teaching methods
  • Empower every student to succeed with tailored AI-enhanced instruction

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Discover this complete training program to get you up to date with your AI teaching strategy

Our program consolidates four comprehensive training courses into a singular curriculum tailored to equip you with everything you need to seamlessly integrate AI into your teaching practice. Benefit from over 8,000 hours of meticulously curated research and practical application, along with insights gleaned from over 100 conversations with educators and AI practitioners. Join us for this exclusive six-week program designed to demystify AI and empower you to revolutionize your teaching approach. Explore the learning sessions below...

A simple to follow 6 week program that fits to your teaching schedule

At around 2.5 hours per week for 6 weeks, this program is designed to fit around your teaching schedule, providing out of teaching hours sessions and bookable time with instructors. You are guaranteed to save 200+ hours of work based on the learning outcomes of this program.

Getting to know eachother


An opportunity to meet your cohort and your instructor.

Week 0


Introduction to AI in Education

Session 1

Explore the fundamentals of AI and discover how it can optimize your teaching efficiency, freeing up valuable time for impactful instruction

Week 1


Ethics and Best Practices in Teaching with Generative AI

Session 2

In this session uncover the ethical considerations and best practices surrounding the integration of Generative AI in teaching

Week 2


Implementing Generative AI in Teaching

Session 3

In this session we explore practical strategies for implementing Generative AI in teaching that inspire student creativity and collaboration.

Week 3


Roadmap for Introducing AI in Teaching - Part 1

Session 4

Develop a strategic roadmap for introducing AI into your classroom, ensuring thoughtful planning and preparation for successful integration.

Week 4


Roadmap for Introducing AI in Teaching - Part 2

Session 5

Effectively implement and evaluate AI integration in your teaching practice, fostering continuous improvement and maximizing the impact of AI on student learning outcomes.

Week 5


A final review of the program

Final Session

We will round-up the program and review the plans and strategies developed through the exercises.

Week 6


At each stage of the program you will be supported by your instructor and a pre-trained AI Coach that will support your learning program and help you develop your plans and strategies.

We are now accepting registrations for our April '24 cohort*.

Space is limited to 30 only, first come first served basis. 

AI is the #1 Skill to Develop

Why take this program?

  • Comprehensive Understanding of AI in Teaching Gain a thorough understanding of AI and its applications in education, equipping you with the knowledge to leverage AI effectively in your teaching practice.
  • Time Efficiency Learn how AI can streamline administrative tasks, saving you time and allowing you to focus more on teaching and student engagement.
  • Ethical Considerations Explore ethical considerations and best practices for integrating AI in teaching, ensuring responsible and equitable implementation.
  • Innovative Teaching Strategies Discover innovative teaching strategies enabled by AI, such as personalized learning and project-based learning, to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Strategic Planning Develop a strategic roadmap for AI integration in your classroom, guiding you through thoughtful planning and preparation for successful implementation.
  • Continuous Improvement Learn how to evaluate the impact of AI integration on teaching and learning, fostering continuous improvement and maximizing the benefits of AI for student success.
  • Professional Growth Enhance your professional skills and credentials as an educator by gaining expertise in AI integration, positioning yourself as a leader in educational innovation and technology integration.
  • Community Support Join a community of like-minded educators passionate about leveraging AI for educational excellence, providing you with opportunities for collaboration, networking, and ongoing support.
  • Future-readiness Prepare yourself and your students for success in a rapidly evolving, technology-driven world by equipping them with the digital literacy skills and competencies needed to thrive in the 21st century.
  • Student Empowerment Empower every student to succeed with tailored AI-enhanced instruction, promoting personalized learning experiences and fostering creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.


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Meet Your Instructor

Joining us as the lead instructor for the AI in Teaching Program is Joseph Telfer, CEO of 4Learn Education Technologies. With over two years of dedicated research and hands-on experience in AI for Education and Learning, Joseph brings unparalleled expertise to the program. Discover more about Joseph's journey and insights on LinkedIn.


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The Revolution is happening right now!

AI is transfoming teacher and student experiences around the world

Far from replacing teachers and promoting cheating, AI offers us the possibility to enhance education and liberate teachers to focus human connection with their students. 

We have pursued the idea of Personalized Learning for millennia and now the technology is available to make it a reality. Check out this video from the founder of Khan Academy on the future of AI in education. 

Fully Structured Program

Explore the Full Curriculum on the Course Pages Below

This 6 week program includes 4 individual training products delivered as a comprehensive package. These trainings cover a deep introduction into AI in Teaching, a comprehensive review of ethical considerations and best practice, a guide to the types of implementations and help to develop your own roadmap for your adoption and rollout to students. Click on each of the training products for a full breakdown of the syllabus.


Pricing & Registration info

Participant numbers will be limited to ensure one to one attention from instructor to participants. Secure your seat now and take advantage of early bird pricing. Contact our team for more than 3 pax inquiries. 

Regular Price

USD 660
  • Price after April 8th '24
  • Spaces limited

Early Bird Price

USD 399
  • Available Until April 8th '24
  • Over 12 Hours Instructor Sessions
  • Frameworks & Cheat Sheets
  • elearning Access
  • Strategy Templates & Exercises
  • Slides & Extra Info
  • Ongoing Support from Experts

Team Price (3 PAX)

USD 900
  • Team Discount Available
  • Each additional pax +USD250


Please reach out to our team with any other questions you may have.

No prior experience with AI is required. The program is designed to accommodate educators at all levels of familiarity with AI technology.

Each course varies in duration, but they are designed to be flexible and accommodate busy schedules. Typically, participants can expect to dedicate a few hours per week for 6 weeks to the program.

Yes, participants who successfully complete all courses in the program will receive a certificate of completion, verifying their expertise in AI integration in education.

Yes, the program includes opportunities for interaction and collaboration with fellow educators through discussion forums, group activities, and networking events.

Yes, participants will have continued access to course materials after the program ends, allowing them to review content and resources at their convenience.

This program is designed to equip educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to harness the power of AI in the classroom effectively. By integrating AI technology into your teaching practice, you can enhance student engagement, personalize learning experiences, and improve student outcomes.

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