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The PLAI™ Course Builder is designed to help L&D work faster and produce better results

Whether you're starting from scratch or leveraging existing source documents, our intuitive platform empowers you to craft engaging and impactful courses in various formats and styles, ready to integrate seamlessly into your Learning Management System (LMS).

I need a 5 module course with exercises on the new policy the most recent regulations marketing for beginners sales enablement for partners

The PLAI™ Course Builder

Transforming Learning Creation

Discover how PLAI™ Course Builder revolutionizes the course creation process, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. From concept to delivery, our platform streamlines every step, allowing you to focus on crafting exceptional learning experiences.

Explore the powerful features of PLAI Course Builder, including:

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Experience the Adaptability of the Course Builder in Action

Discover how the PLAI™ Course Builder effortlessly transforms your existing source documents. Whether it's PDFs, presentations, or documents, our platform transforms static content into dynamic learning experiences, saving you time and resources.

Maximum Flexibility to Fit Your Needs

With the PLAI™ Course Builder, you can effortlessly export your courses in SCORM, xAPI or LTI format, ready for immediate deployment and tracking within your LMS.

Nowadays, we operate across many platforms, so it is essential that tools can operate seamlessly between platforms and systems. Interoperability ensures that data, content, and functionalities can be shared and utilized across different software applications and environments without friction or compatibility issues.

With our integration tools, users can leverage the strengths of various platforms, maximizing efficiency and productivity. Our commitment to interoperability ensures that your courses can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, allowing for smooth data exchange and cohesive learning experiences.