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Global Beverage Company - Project Management Training

Our client, a global beverage manufacturer, asked us to use their global standard project management method to create a customized training program for their up-and-coming senior management team charged with implementing 9 new critical projects. 

Client Background:

Equip the team to deliver critical projects in 'Our Way'

A prominent player in the beverage industry, faced a significant challenge: managing multiple critical projects simultaneously within their factory and head office. To ensure the success of these ventures, nine key senior leaders needed specialized training in the parent company’s project management methodologies.

Client’s Requirement: The client required a comprehensive training program tailored to the specific needs of their senior leaders. The objective was to equip them with the skills necessary to oversee and drive these projects forward effectively.

I need my people to improve their Project Management skills – but we need to follow Head Office’s way of doing things, adapted to our local needs. 

Long Term Impacts

The implementation of our tailored training solution had a lasting impact on our client's business and their people.

Continued Learning and Adaptability

The senior leaders embraced the training materials and continue to use them in their daily operations. Moreover, the flexibility of our approach allowed for the creation of new materials as needed, ensuring that the training remained relevant to their evolving projects.

Efficiency and Productivity

By integrating the AI tutor into their workflow, the team experienced a significant boost in efficiency. They were able to navigate their tasks rapidly, adhere to corporate standards, and enhance communication within the team. This newfound efficiency translated into improved project outcomes and timely deliveries.

Sustainable Success

The skills acquired through our training program became an integral part of the company’s culture. As a result, our client was better equipped to handle future projects, ensuring the sustained success of their endeavors.

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